Most therapeutic approaches focus on bringing understanding to the Ego and its psychological structures, but they are rarely concerned about the mysteries of Being.  Also, many spiritual lineages and practices reveal the deepest dimensions of Soul and Being, but they often reinforce in us a sense of duality between the spiritual and material dimensions of life, creating a separation or a judgmental attitude towards material life issues. DLT reunifies and resolves this duality and inner separation through the teachings, giving us back the freedom and relaxation to live the wholeness of our Being in daily life. These teachings offer a beautiful approach to self-understanding and self–realization with the focus being on the felt-experience of what is being taught. Self-inquiry and discovery unfold out of curiosity, openness and honesty towards what is lived and experienced in the here and now. For people engaged in different fields of psychological therapy and spiritual teachings, this work offers precious tools for awareness, understanding and guidance to self-realization that can be used while working with others.

”These teachings are the divine articulation manifesting in the domain of the diamond, making the teachings communicable in a worldly sense. Much of the spiritual journey has not been communicated. The Diamond Logos articulates the guidance and grace of the mystery of existence… to be known, seen and felt.”   Faisal Muquaddam  

More about DLT

Diamond Logos Teaching goes beyond classic therapeutic approaches, because it not only works with emotional conflicts and personal issues, but also incorporates a vision and path towards healing, which includes the essential dimensions of Being.

This teaching is based on the understanding that the main cause of our discomfort and suffering is the separation from Being and its manifestations, which we call Essence.

According to this approach, any therapy that does not help us to reconnect with our Essence is incomplete.

Traditional psychology does not recognize the spiritual reality of Being nor its qualities, while the majorityof spiritual traditions leave aside or do not include a compassionate understanding of the personality.

DLT recognizes and includes both these realities in its system. By understanding the personality, it invites us to re-experience, through a retrospective journey, the path that separates us from our original nature, allowing us to reconnect to the different aspects of our Essence and to the ultimate nature of all things, the Absolute.

This work has been inspired by ancient teachings, which include the Sufi maps of the Lataif, and also has understandings of modern psychology of the profound. It offers us an accurate and deep teaching, which has its roots in presence and the practice of awareness.

This approach has been developed by two psycho-spiritual pioneers, A.H. Almaas and Faisal Muquaddam. This training is based on the teaching as transmitted by Faisal Muquaddam.

The work consists of finding a way to reach the deepest level of essential substance, Essence. The more we cultivate our essential state, the more this will replace our old personality structures and patterns, taking us deeper, giving us more vitality and a greater sense of who we really are.

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